Gems You’ll Fall In Love With

With Valentine’s Day quickly upon us, we highlight special attention regarding three precious gem stones that will win over your love’s heart • By ICYSTONZ™

Okay, so history reminds us all that diamonds are a gal’s BFF • Well exactly what of the many other illuminating stones that have the power to sensitize a girls’ passion for fine jewels?

Certainly, most women naturally love to diversify their jewelry wardrobe from time to time – yes! Thus, herewith are three endearing gems we believe you’ll find simply tantalizing as sweet Valentines Day or Just Because gifts for your darling.

The moment a customer first laid eyes on the Goldrush Turquoise Women’s Bracelet by ICYstonz™ we knew it was once again time to refresh in the minds of divas and gents what the true beauty of turquoise still means. 

Why TURQ Should Be One of Your “Gems to Own”
“Globally, Turquoise is deemed one of the most valuable natural minerals by many collectors. The gem (which comes in a variety of gorgeous hues from blue to green) has been believed to be a holy stone, and used for eradicating negative energy. The brightness of the color is supposed to be the symbol for happiness, and is also thought to increase a person’s self confidence” source. Imagine that among your prized possessions dwells a beautiful jewel with such a deeply connected, royal and long preserved history as the marvelous Turquoise gem.

unnamed (53)
Photo c/o ICYstonz “Goldrush Bracelet”

True Onyx
This is by far one of our designer’s more favored stones of choice in jewelry creations! Apart from its alluring and intoxicating jet black color (that we see much of on the market), tis’ believed Onyx is a gem that brings about a source of protection from negative stimuli and is aid in helping its wearer to center their own energy for enhanced well-being. In addition, Onyx may also be given as a gift during either the seventh or tenth year of a couple’s marriage which signifies strength and endurance in their love for one another.

“Crystal jewelry is jewelry made from natural quartz crystal. Swarvoski is the oldest and most recognized name in crystal jewelry. It is an Austria-based four-generation family business. Daniel Swarvoski invented a crystal cutting machine in 1892. Swarvoski crystals are known for their high quality, brilliance, and pure characteristics. Many jewelry designers that work with crystal use Swarvoski crystal pendants and beads” (source).

photo (1)
Photo c/o ICYstonz “No Limits Crystal Bracelet”

By far, the mystical gem of the day comes down to which is most versatile across your fashion. It has been stated that “black” goes with just about anything. Therefore, if we had to choose – hands down, it would be Onyx. Not an easy choice since Crystal is very beautiful well within its own right. However, you can never gone wrong with having more than a little black in your wardrobe. Black not only looks good on, but it makes you feel amazing (not to mention its mysterious ability to camouflage appearances to some varying degrees).

Well go on, express yourself with something precious. Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate your chakras or simply love fine jewelry – Begin your treasure hunt for these three magnificent gemstones at ICYstonz.

Disclaimer: According to Wikipedia, scientific investigations have not validated claims that healing gemstones actually exist.


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