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Gems You’ll Fall In Love With

With Valentine’s Day quickly upon us, we highlight special attention regarding three precious gem stones that will win over your love’s heart • By ICYSTONZ™

Okay, so history reminds us all that diamonds are a gal’s BFF • Well exactly what of the many other illuminating stones that have the power to sensitize a girls’ passion for fine jewels?

Certainly, most women naturally love to diversify their jewelry wardrobe from time to time – yes! Thus, herewith are three endearing gems we believe you’ll find simply tantalizing as sweet Valentines Day or Just Because gifts for your darling.

The moment a customer first laid eyes on the Goldrush Turquoise Women’s Bracelet by ICYstonz™ we knew it was once again time to refresh in the minds of divas and gents what the true beauty of turquoise still means.  Continue reading Gems You’ll Fall In Love With